Bathroom Paint Sunny Grey 01 Bathroom Paint Sunny Grey 01

Bathroom Paint Sunny Grey 01

Semi-matte, moisture-resistant acrylic paint for walls and ceilings in bathrooms. Provides a durable, dirt-repellent surface that is washable. Don't use paint on surfaces that are in direct contact with running water (like in the shower). Combine the Bathroom Paint with our colour matching tiles, showers, taps, lamps and other bathroom furnishings.

-Made in Sweden



-Scratch proof

-High coverage

Safety data sheet

Bathroom Paint Sunny Grey 01

Sunny Grey 01 for bathrooms is the lightest of our warm grey colours. A delicate and timeless grey-white tone with warmth. Combine with our matching tiles, faucets, showers and bathroom furniture.

Calculate how many liters of paint you need for two coats by dividing the number of square meters of the surface by 3.5. Choose jar size or colour sample below.


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