The benefits of emulsion paint but without plastics and toxic solvents

The conventional, water based interior paint available on the market today contains micro plastics which is a major reason for the ever growing pollution of our oceans. Toniton’s organic paint, developed by Auro, is equaly durable and just as easy to apply as the best acrylic paints on the market. The difference is that our paint consist solely of natural pigments and is completely free of plastics and toxic solvents. It contains a biodegradable binder and is certified VOC-free.

A sustainable alternative with low threshold

There are other fine ecological paint qualities like egg oil tempera and linseed oil paint, but the usage and behaviour of these qualities differs from what most people are used to. The similarities in terms of application and durability between Auro’s natural paint and the best conventional acrylic paints will make it easier for more people to make the necessery sustainable transition. 

Natural pigments

The colours in our organic paint come solely from natural pigments originating from minerals and plants. In addition to being good for the environment, the pigments give the walls a depth that conventional plastic paints do not. The natural pigments shift with the daylight and produce soft coloured shadows.

Organic paint lets you and your home breathe

Conventional acrylic paint covers your wall with a thin layer of plastics which can close in moisture. Our organic paint let’s your wall breathe. It is also certified VOC-free which means that it doesn’t release any gases of chemicals into your room.

Curated colours and matching objects

To make the choice of colour easier, we have compiled 43 impeccable hues to combine and choose from. Each of the colours can also be combined with switches, wall lamps, shelves and other products from Toniton’s colour-matched range. If you have found your own favourite colour, we can do more than 1000 optional shades.

Architect & Project

Here you will find documents for Well Building Standard and EU Ecolabel. Please email us if you need other documents.