Lacquer Paint Nougat 03 Lacquer Paint Nougat 03

Lacquer Paint Nougat 03

Mineral pigments
Vegetable-based adhesive (Decovery®)
Dust dry after about two hours
Recoatable after about 6 hours
Hardened after about a day
No tendency to become yellow over time
Semi-matt with a gloss number of 20
The gloss number may vary depending on the colour
The paint is water-dilutable

Lacquer Paint Nougat 03

Semi-matt, plastic-free lacquer paint that can be used on everything from moldings and panels to furniture and metal, both indoors and outdoors. The paint is easy to apply, has high coverage and a short drying time. With a plant-based binder and mineral pigments, it is a non-toxic alternative to conventional lacquer paints.

Calculate how many liters of paint you need for two coats by dividing the square meter of the surface by 6.5. Choose jar size or colour sample below.


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