Wall Paint Ochre 03 Wall Paint Ochre 03

Wall Paint Ochre 03

Our organic wall and ceiling paint is developed by Auro. It is a non-toxic alternative to conventional wall paint that contains solely natural raw materials and is completely free of plastics and toxic solvents. The paint is manufactured in Germany, where it has been developed for decades into a full-fledged modern alternative to plastic paints and petrochemical products. The colour is fully matte and suitable for painting on all mineral substrates, from plaster to wallpaper. It is easy to use and can be applied by roller, brush or sprayed on. The rich content of pigments means that the color produces soft shadows, reflects the light in the room and brings out different shades at different times of the day. The content is a mixture of natural minerals and pigments, as well as a biodegradable binder (Replebin©). The paint is certified VOC-free.

Wall Paint Ochre 03

Ochre 03, or golden ochre, is an earthy color that has been common in Swedish interior design for a long time. A warm yellow-brown shade that gives the room a cozy feeling. Our organic paint, developed by Auro, is equaly durable and just as easy to apply as the best acrylic paints on the market. The difference is that it consist solely of natural pigments and is completely free of plastics and toxic solvents. It contains a biodegradable binder and is certified VOC-free, which means that it doesn’t release any gases of chemicals into your room. The natural pigments, originating from minerals and plants, gives your walls depth while the shade shifts with the daylight and produce soft coloured shadows.

Calculate how many liters of paint you need for two coats by dividing the amount of square meters of the surface by 4,4. Choose jar size or colour sample below.


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